Capella Parklands - Dragline Bucket Capella Parklands - Dragline Bucket

A bucket used on a Marion 8050 dragline that scooped up over 83 million tonnes of overburden at BMA Gregory Open Cut Coal Mine is located at the entrance to the Capella Industrial Estate.

When Gregory Mine purchased the CQMS Eartheater Bucket new from CQMS (Central Queensland Mining Supplies) in December 2001, it weighed 41,300kgs and had a capacity of 46.4 cubic metres.

These buckets incur an incredible amount of abrasion whilst working, so much so that it's common to lose up to 5,000kgs of weight during a five month working stint.

On average the bucket would work continuously for approximately five months, and then be sent away for a major rebuild which is basically replacing steel portions which have worn away, and any cracking that may be in the castings.

The bucket first went to work on December 14, 2001. During its life it dug and moved a total of 35,559,539 bank cubic metres (BCM), or a total of 83,564,916 tonnes of overburden material, which consisted mainly of sandstone type strata. To accomplish this, it performed 806,339 dig cycles averaging 44.1 BCM per cycle, or 103.64 tonnes per cycle.

The bucket was donated to the Capella community by BMA Gregory Mine in its retirement. It would take the 190cm tall gentleman with his shovel quite some time to fill it!