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Capella Aquatic Centre
Rickertt Street (PO Box 38)
Ph: 07 4984 9578 
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‚ÄčYou can bring your own glass free, alcoholic beverages to enjoy with your meal from the Cafe or your brought BBQ/picnic.

Please enjoy a meal at the Aquatic Centre, but leave all glass containers at home. This includes salt and pepper shakers, sauce bottles and beverage glass. Even with the utmost care, accidents happen. It is virtually impossible to pick up every shard of broken glass. Children walk bare foot over every inch of this facility.

Guidelines For BYO Alcoholic Drinks Consumption:

All BYO alcohol must be consumed in plastic or aluminium containers i.e. no glass is to be brought into the centre.
Alcohol can only be consumed in conjunction with a meal (lunch or dinner).
Anyone drinking alcohol must do so in the confinement of the designated BBQ areas.
Anyone causing a public nuisance will be immediately escorted from the centre and reported to the Capella Police.
All empty cans/plastic bottles must be disposed of appropriately before leaving the confines of the centre.