Capella Creek Bird Watching Area Capella Creek Bird Watching Area

Birds are warm-blooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animals. They are covered in feathers and their forelimbs are modified into wings which are used for flight. Their feathers are highly protective against cold and also against water. Bird bones are of a honeycomb structure so as to reduce their structural weight to enable flight. Their eyesight and hearing is acute, but they have little sense of smell. Most birds are diurnal (only active during the day) although some have become specifically adapted to a nocturnal lifestyle (only active during the night).

Depending upon the species, birds feed on a variety of food sources such as nectar, seeds, insects, rodents, fish and even other birds, however, all have specific adaptations to aid in their individual feeding technique.

Over 175 bird species have been seen within the Capella town and water storage area, of which 115 species belonging to 33 bird family groups have been recorded along the open woodland of Capella Creek.

The 115 species are listed in the link below under their 33 common English bird family group names. For full details on each bird, go to website , then select ‘Browse full bird list’ and then select the bird required.

Birds Of The Capella Creek Bird Watching Area