Business Advantage Business Advantage


Strategic location – excellent access to operational mines in the region.

Highly competitive business costs
A skilled workforce
Access to advanced telecommunication infrastructure
Domestic freight and forwarding services via road, rail and air.


Capella’s business precincts offer a complete spectrum of properties for commercial and industrial development at very competitive prices. There are a variety of options for commercial and industrial companies seeking to expand or relocate.

Capella offers a range of property sizes, zoning and locations, with immediate access to the Gregory, Capricorn and Peak Downs Highways, with direct flow on to the Newell and Warrego Highways.


Capella is serviced by the National Bank, whilst also within easy access to regional business banking centres and credit unions in Emerald, making day-to-day business financial transactions readily available. NBN is available.

Capella has access to a number of regional professional service businesses, including medical, legal, accounting, environmental, town planning and property development services.


The objective for Capella is a vibrant, broad based economy that is employment positive and value adds to its strong mining and agricultural base. As the centre of business in the Peak Downs district, the goal for Capella is to have a strong economy based on profitable industries, attracting key infrastructure and the provision of highly skilled people.

The following are key strategies to achieve identified goals for increased business development, investment and employment in the Peak Downs district and, more specifically, the town of Capella:

Small, Medium Enterprise (SME's) Service Centre for Mining and Mining Related Industries within the Bowen Basin.
Diversification and Vertical Integration in Agriculture
Value Adding Opportunities for Existing Products and Services
Expansion of Manufacturing Sector
Promote Conference and Tourism Sector Growth
Quality Housing Developments
Solar Farms