Airstrip Airstrip

Capella is serviced by a 1000 metre all weather gravel airstrip. It is located at:

Latitude 23.0947° S 23° 05��? 41.09’S; Longitude 148.0062° E 148° 00��? 22.25’ E .

Airstrip – Loading of Chemicals for Aerial Spraying

Prior to the use of the airstrip, a copy of the MSDS for the chemical intended for use shall be lodged with the Central Highlands Regional Council – Capella Office.

The preferred location for the loading of aircraft intending to carry out aerial spraying is the eastern side at the end of runway 36. (see diagram)

Persons loading chemicals are responsible for their own personal safety, and should ensure that they use Personal Protective Equipment to the standards prescribed in the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product being used.

Persons loading chemicals are responsible to ensure that any spillages are contained. Any contaminated soil must be removed and the ground remediated upon completion of operations.

Any significant spillages of chemical shall be reported, as soon as practicable, to the Central Highlands Regional Council – Capella Office by telephoning (07) 4988 7200 advising:

1. time of occurrence,
2. location of occurrence,
3. quantities involved,
4. chemical being used,
5. immediate response taken,
6. clean-up action taken.
Upon independent inspection of the site by a Council Officer, should further remedial works be required, these will be carried out by Council, with all costs to be met by the person carrying out the aerial spraying operation.